Louise Bon

Sandrine Simonnot, General Manager

The Company

La Maison Louise Bon is the specialist of the Lentillon of Champagne, a fine and small pink lentil, much appreciated by gourmets for its refined taste, inherited from the limestone soil of Champagne. The Lentillon is a well known gourmet specialty, exclusively grown in Champagne. It is of the highest quality, cherished by the Grand Chefs and Connoisseurs Of France. Representing the company, Sandrine
Simonnot is known for her savoir-faire and heritage passed on by five generations of producers.

The Products

– Lentils: Lentillon rose de la Champagne (dry, in paper bags or cardboard boxes. Available in 8.80 or 17.6 oz or 5 kg formats)

– Lentillonnade (dry. Available in glass pots.)