Marie-Sara Trehin – Sales Assistant
+ 33 255 595 351

The Company

Created in 2018, Kokiriki is a French family-run business. After devoting more than 2 years to research and development, the company has combined innovation and tradition to develop new plant-based consumption habits. Kokiriki offers a wide range of carefully prepared vegan specialties: meat substitutes, cold meats and seafood. They manufacture alternatives dedicated to individuals, industrialists, retailers, supermarkets and distributors throughout the world.

The Products

Meat alternative vegan specialities: plant-based alternatives to ham, salami, chorizo, pâté, chicken, beef, meatballs.

Vegan speciality Bistro-Burger: Plant-based alternative to burger patties

Vegan speciality Veg-Tuna: Plant-based alternative to tuna