Greenland Seafood

Emmanuelle Jehan, Marketing Manager Europe
+33 1 49 70 87 41 / +33 7 89 08 74 67

The Company

As a leading company in the frozen fish market, Greenland Seafood has been a close supplier to retailers and wholesalers for a number of years. The company’s factories, located on the coasts of Germany and France, produce over two million fish-based meals a day, while still guaranteeing the highest quality standards. Greenland Seafood is specialized in the production of seafood, be it plain, battered or fish bites, and follows consumer trends by offering innovative products. Via its sustainable management and purchasing strategies, the company supports the responsible use of fish resources with the aim of maintaining the conservation of marine resources.

The Products

– Kibbelling (Alaska Pollock Fish & Chips small bites MSC 24g – 70% fillet)

– Stick’n Dip – Battered (Alaska Pollock Stick’n Dip MSC 20g)

– Prawn ring (Prawn ring with cocktail sauce and sweet chili sauce 300g – Size 70/75)