Thomas Decombard, General Manager
+33 380 419 545

The Company

A family company, Apidis was established in 1890. Today, the company is the first honey producer in France, driving their 4,500 Beehives all around France, Spain and Italy to produceover 30 different monofloral honeys. All honeys are raw, unpasteurized and 100% pure and natural. The company also develops a variety of beehive-related products (royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis) and honey-based products such as honey gingerbread, honey jams, honey confectionery (hard and jelly), honey mustard, honey vinegar and burgundy honey wine. Apidis offers bulk and packaged formats for retail, private label and food service. Organic range available.

The Products

– Bulk or packed Honey : more than 30 monofloral varieties
  Raw, unpasteurized and 100% pure and natural. Variety of formats,
  from 14 kg (bulk) to 30g (packed) 

– Beehive products : bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis

– Honey Cakes : Honey Gingerbread, Nonnettes and Pastries made
  with Honey

– Honey Confectionery made with honey and natural colors, natural         flavors, without preservatives : Packed or in bulk

– Honey Jams : century- old recipes prepared in a copper basin

– Honey Mustard : Different varieties

– Honey Vinegar : Different varieties

– Burgundy honey wine : Sweet, Raspberry, Sparkling