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meteo*swift puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of the energy transition by providing AI-based short-term power forecasts for wind assets.

We provide deterministic or probabilistic forecasts, for intraday, day-ahead or week-ahead applications. We can deliver forecast for any location, type, or size of portfolio, for horizons up to 16 days ahead. All this without disrupting your activities as our service is plug’n play and feeds data directly into your existing information system.

To do so, we source and analyse data from high quality meteorological models, combining it with the historical and current production of wind assets. Our data science team, which includes 5 PhDs in computer science, AI & applied mathematics, has designed an efficient system able to leverage and combine many AI algorithm types to reach optimal accuracy levels.

This expertise in AI, associated with a strong know-how in meteorology, renewables & power trading, is at the core of meteo*swift identity. This is the key that enables us to reach high levels of performance and reliability that meet the expectations of our customers:

“I have never seen a new player reaching such level of performances so fast. meteo*swift performances are challenging the forecasting industry leaders” Santiago Rubin Fernandez, Forecasting Manager at EDP, July 2021

For power traders and aggregators:

Our forecasts help you to take relevant positions on day-ahead or intraday markets and to reduce imbalance costs by minimizing forecasting errors. On top of live forecasts, we can provide backtests. These simulations of our forecasts in the past will give you insights on the impact adding new assets to your portfolio would have on balancing costs.


    For power producers and asset managers

    Our services help you to meet regulatory requirements to provide generation forecasts for wind or solar assets. We also help you to maximize your farms’ profitability: thanks to our predictions, you can schedule maintenance when production is low or turn of production in case off negative prices.

    For grid managers  

    Our forecasts help isolated or national grid managers to better manage the impact of renewable energies on the grid. Better anticipating the output of wind and solar enables them to avoid or solve local power congestion / deficits at a lower cost. It also allows for a more efficient management of reserves and storage systems.


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