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Founded in 2000, Dolfines is an independent engineering and services specialist that brings its long experience in the O&G industry to the renewable energy sector.

Dolfines is organized in four business units, Dolfines Oil & Gas Services, Onshore and Offshore Renewable Services, Technical Assistance and Engineering & Technologies.

In 2021, Dolfines integrated 8.2 France, an independent inspection, audit and consultancy specialist in the wind & solar energy sector, founded in 2008. In addition to its original competencies, Dolfines’ Onshore and Offshore Renewable Services offers today a complete range of services including maintenance, inspections, due diligence, asset management, training, consultancy, and project management services early prospection phase towards the complete operating life of on & offshore wind projects.

Today, we are developing a new company: 8.2 Iberia, which can assist your renewable energy projects in Spain.

We aim to play a key role in the energy transition and deliver innovative solutions to harness renewable energy sources on land, at sea, above and below ground


We assist your project from the development stage, at financial milestone, during installation and finally, throughout its entire lifetime. We make your investments more reliable, while optimizing your operating results and your energy efficiency.

We provide complete technical due diligences with a wild range of competencies over a restricted time range.


We carry out technical audits and specific measurements on all the power plant components. With more than 25 years’ experience within the 8.2 group on onshore wind and above 15 years’ experience on offshore wind projects, we support your O&M teams with highly skilled experts, a recognized & QHSE-certified process along a pragmatic approach.


We are committed to helping you optimizing the performance of your renewable energy production parks, and have developed a wide range of services contributing to improve the productivity of your assets. For example, we can perform SCADA data analysis to assess the underperformance of your wind farm. We can monitor your assets and deliver one of the most accurate predictive maintenance throughout vibration analysis driven by AI.


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 Bruno Allain
 CEO of 8.2 France
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