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Bluesign is a global player in the Offshore Renewable Energy.

Bluesign provides integrated solutions and services for organisations – conventions and conferences, trade fairs & exhibitions – assisting them making connections, do business effectively by delivering high value networking opportunities and communicate on and develop their image.

Working alongside local and regional government, Bluesign contributes to promoting the attractiveness of territories. Bluesign organises notably, each year, Seanergy, the international leading event on Offshore Renewable Energy.

Seanergy is the international leading event on Offshore Renewable Energy. On June 15-17, 2022, the event brings together more than 3,500 international players around an exhibition area gathering +230 exhibitors from around the world, industrial and technical conferences, business meetings, technical immersive visits and workshops on specific topics


BLUESIGN (Emergence coworking), 24, rue du Gouverneur général Eboué, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
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Sabrina PESEUX
Managing director
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