Logo Yogoko

YOGOKO is an innovative company established in June 2014. We offer communication solutions for the ultra-­‐connected and cooperative vehicle.

YOGOKO exploits 15 years of R&D conducted by research institutes in the field of end-to-end connectivity between a vehicle and its communication peers (vehicle, roadside infrastructure, control center, …). Advanced Internet connectivity technologies (IPv6, mobility, security) are used to offer an extended connectivity independently of the available access technologies and transparently to the applications, services and users.

When more than one access technology is available simultaneously, the best one is selected for each data communication flow (e.g. cellular for voice and WiFi for data) according to its communication requirement (priority, security, amount of data, duration, latency, …) and the characteristics of the access networks and access technologies available at the current location.

To meet the needs of the connected and cooperative vehicle, YoGoKo has developed a unified software stack combining its advanced Internet connectivity technologies and V2X technologies complying with cooperative ITS standards (ISO, CEN, ETSI, IEEE, SAE). V2X standards include 11p (WAVE / G5), GeoNetworking, CAM, DENM, SPaT, MAP, etc. The software stack is installed on a communication box equipped with various access technologies according to the effective use made by each client.