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Wever is a mobility integrator with the strategic vision of MAAS (Mobility As A Service) which allows long-term and direct relations with final users who express their needs and validate the suggestions.

Wever Mobility Manager is the first massive tailor-made mobility manager to allow smart cities to develop smart mobility via a smartphone and a web application. The platform reveals relevant existing solutions and enables users to build their own transportation offer.

Wever offers a community approach as the user communicates precisely his mobility problems while remaining anonymous. The mobility stakeholders can use reported data to improve or implement an efficient transportation offer.

wever is the first mobility management platform in SaaS mode, which collects the needs of users (employees, spectators, customers, citizens…) in order to support each individual in a highly personalized way towards existing or new co-created mobility solutions.

The wever solution:

  • Deploys all device-compatible interfaces which allow users to report their mobility needs in less than a minute
  • Provides a dashboard to the client to follow in real time the activity and the data collected
  • Provides thanks to a powerful algorithmic an action plan and a coaching to set up mobility solutions over time, embedding all existing mobility solutions (shuttles, carpooling, electric bicycle, videoconferencing, coworking …)
  • Sets up solutions and improve them over time
  • Promotes change of behavior and loyalty through rewards and benefits for the user

The solution continues to progress by systematically taking into account the feedbacks of users on the deployed solutions. It guarantees a continuous evolution of the quality and the relevance of the global mobility offer.

Clients benefit from a data dashboard, an automated mobility solution recommendation tool and a planning tool for their action plan. A behavior change management algorithm makes it possible to massively offer each individual a highly personalized accompaniment.

wever responds to the need to understand finely the issues of mobility of individuals and to the lack of knowledge and skills to put in place action plans for inclusive and alternative mobility.

Economical and very fast, the solution supports the territorial collectivity, the company, the association (and globally, any organization) in the analysis of the needs of individuals, in the modeling of solutions and their implementation. By staying connected to the users, wever accompanies individual change and educates to the best behaviors.