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PROVE & RUN was founded in 2009 with a mission to help its customers resolve the security challenges linked to the large scale deployment of connected devices and of the Internet of Things.

The main source of security issues can be attributed to faulty software where defects in either the software architecture, design, implementation or configuration create vulnerabilities that can be potentially exploited for attacks. The challenge is therefore to produce software as close as possible to zero-defects.

PROVE & RUN has developed an ultra secured OS/kernel, called ProvenCore, which is formally proven for security. ProvenCore has been designed with security in mind, using a Prove & Run patented software development tool chain that relies on formal methods and is specifically forged to deal with the complex security properties of complex software components such as OS/Kernel or hypervisors. ProvenCore is currently under a Common Criteria EAL7 security certification. It has been formally proven for security – down to generated code – to get as close as possible to “zero bug”.  This is a world premier with no commercial equivalent.

Connected cars are currently presenting a very large surface for cybersecurity attacks. ProvenCore can be used to build security perimeters on the most sensitive nodes (ECUs) and bring the level of defense of connected cars to an unmatched level. The primary ECUs that should be secured with ProvenCore are the Infotainment system, the TCU and the Body Control Module and/or Gateway. With ProvenCore on those ECUs, you can achieve the most advanced security protection for a connected car at a marginal cost of less than 10€ / vehicle (approximately 11 USD).

We are delivering ProvenCore on either micro-processors or micro-controllers which opens a wide range of options to tackle different architectures and security/cost requirements.