Logo Pradeo

PRADEO is an innovative company created in 2010, specializing in the mobile device security sector. Public Apps stores are an inexhaustible source of richness and creativity for users and enterprises and in the same time they are an amazing playground for hackers. PRADEO provides to its customers, the protection they need to benefit from this richness without compromising on security.
Wherever the «Apps model» is deployed, PRADEO brings the appropriate security solution to check Apps, and their hidden behaviors. The connected car of tomorrow will rely on this model. It will offer users Apps on board and/or outside the car but interacting with the car. If you agree with that vision, then you agree with us that Apps must be checked to reinforce the security in the connected car.
To respond to this need PRADEO has designed and developed the first behavioral analysis engine for mobile Apps, called «Trust Revealing». This engine revolutionizes the traditional approach to malware protection. For a given App, it reveals exhaustively: connections established, data manipulated, operations performed etc… If the hidden actions, are not compliant with the security rules specific to the company, the suspicious or malicious