Pradeo Collaborates with Samsung Electronics to Take Mobile Threat Protection to the Next Level


Pradeo Security for Samsung combines both companies’ expertise in enterprise mobility to deliver a precision mobile security management solution unparalleled in the mobile threat protection area

Pradeo announced today the availability of a new advanced mobile threat protection solution which leverages Samsung Knox’s natively embedded mobile device capabilities to neutralize on-the-fly apps’ unexpected behaviors detected by Pradeo Security technology and allow users to still use them.

Pradeo Security for Samsung, the next-level mobile endpoint protection

Pradeo Security for Samsung integration aims to enhance mobile device security while preserving users’ ability to remain productive. Pradeo’s mobile threat detection technology is built on an automatic machine learning mechanism preventing from known, unknown and advanced threats coming from apps, the network and the OS. Its multi-layers learning structure provides 0-day protection with a real time analysis and ensures a minimal on-device footprint.

The incorporation of our cutting-edge security technology with the best-in-class Samsung mobile devices brings a whole new level protection to enterprise customers, said Stephane Saad, Pradeo’s Chief Strategic Alliances Officer.

Pradeo Security unique 360° detection capability leans on a patented artificial intelligence process bringing Pradeo at the forefront of mobile cyber-security. Its unmatched degree of precision is key to empower layers control and block unexpected activities on every single Samsung device.

Pradeo and Samsung began their collaboration in April 2015 with the integration of Pradeo Security within the Knox portfolio. Since that time the two companies have continued to collaborate and combine their expertise through deeper product integration.

A collaboration to build a safer mobile environment

At a time where technical limits are being continually redefined, the protection of data manipulated from smartphones stands at the heart of mobility concerns. Pradeo Security for Samsung widens access to security on Samsung devices and allows users to safely enjoy their smartphone says Ram Motipally, Head of Software and Solutions, B2B Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Electronics America.

Mobility opened the way to an ultra-connected digital world where applications play a central role. Nowadays, we can almost connect to everything via our smartphone, from business platforms, to home automation, to bank accounts facilitating our day-to-day life and increasing our productivity. However, this also opens up a new cyber-attack surfacewhere applications are both a favored vector and target.

This advanced integration is a structuring milestone of our partnership and this is just the beginning. We already envision a new step forward in the combination of our technologies to master mobile security and provide users with a positive and safe experience mentioned Stephane Saad.