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PERTECH SOLUTIONS is a French company, specialized in the design and the development of innovative solutions for eye tracking. PERTECH SOLUTIONS’ systems focus on the Relationship and the interaction between men, machines and their environment.

PERTECH SOLUTIONS improves the interface of any control station, studies the driver’s behavior and works on loss of attention. Our solutions aim to improve the interaction between men and machines in order to increase ease of use and safety.

PERTECH SOLUTIONS has mastered its supply chain and its innovative abilities to measure the visual perception in a given environment like analysing driver’s behavior for the transport industry. The scalable designed solutions analyze the activity of the driver high-performance algorithms and software. Among other benefits, the simplicity of use and high accuracy of the systems enable driver behavior modeling, improve the use of HMI and safety in the driving task.

Today, thanks to PERTECH SOLUTIONS’ adaptive systems and unique know-how, the eye becomes a real measuring, control and decision making tool connected to the vehicle.