Logo Optis Group

OPTIS, the Virtual prototyping company, offers its  expertise in light, human vision and sensor simulation into famous CAD/ CAM software and dedicated virtual immersive solutions. This synergy creates true-to-life virtual mockups which are used as real decision-making tools. Today, more than 2500 clients in over 50 countries already trust OPTIS.

Autonomous vehicles use sensors to position themselves in an environment. But testing an Autonomous vehicle on the road is risky and may lead to accidents for some use cases, and the most critical for OEMs is to achieve millionskilometers reliability. Without virtual driving, it’s impossible. Only the simulations will be able to test, without risks, all the situations that a completely autonomous vehicle will meet. Moreover, the simulation will support the gradual deployment from the driven vehicle to the 100% autonomous vehicle.

The available solutions for sensor simulation are all based on graphic display technology without taking into account physical phenomena. Thus, critical situations (wet road, rain, vehicle configuration …) cannot be reproduced. Our innovation makes it possible  to simulate sensors in a physically correct virtual environment. Our Solution can be connected to existing virtual prototyping platforms of embedded systems in  order to address a lack of physical sensors simulation in the different use cases.