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NEAVIA TECHNOLOGIES, acquired by Lacroix Group in 2016, a leader in the infrastructure monitoring, is a French company founded in 2003 specialized in traffic monitoring and site surveillance. They use multi-sensors in order to collect fixed-data and embedded-data, to analyze and to create reports. They have many solutions in traffic and site monitoring.

NEAVIA TECHNOLOGIES offers V2X solutions: Neavia V2I Station a station ITS, Neavia V2I Unit for utilities vehicles, I2V Traffic Light for traffic lights. They also have detection solutions: Blue Via for driving time measures, FoxVia to detect problems and to create reports, EagleVia for road surveillance as well as video solutions (Neavia Ecocam & EcoCam plus which insures road surveillance combined with efficient energy consumption).


Their technology aims to increase the reliability rate of detection standards due to a flexible architecture which is compatible with numerous information and communication channels. Neavia Techologies’ goal is to increase safety and the optimization of traffic.