FaarGO: the full autonomous driving kit


At FAAR Industry, they are very proud to announce that their team will be attending the most advanced convention in #high-tech innovation – the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). They will showcase their full autonomous driving kitFaarGO – at the same convention that brought the concept of the VCR to the world in 1970. This year, the CES is dedicating 85 000 m² of exhibit space to vehicle technologies and autonomous driving.

For the first time, they’re introducing the public to this new easy way of transforming any vehicle into an autonomous shuttle packed with mature innovative solutions. In partnership with ISFM, they have designed a smart, simple, and cost-breaking autonomous vehicle that can later become one of many #AD fleets: through #platooning technologies, their software system makes it easy to transform one shuttle into a large fleet driverless train, transporting up to 30 people.

This little piece of high tech is designed with a reduced AI, making it open, adaptive and scalable, without ever compromising safety and reliability. This robustly engineered smart AD system comes with ADAS evolutive architecture, specific software and its dedicated and certified automotive ECU: it is literally an all-in-one solution. Follow them at CES from January 9th through 12th, they will be live-twitting updates.

You can also get more information on FaarGO – their amazing AD kit – right here.