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DIBOTICS provides a suite of intellectual Property and Algorithms to achieve moile autonomy, Advanced 3D perception and situation awareness, aimed for ADAS and Autonomous Driving applications.

They Augmented LiDARTM  technology leverages the raw data from any LiDARTM sensor in real-time, allowing for Advanced features as :

  • Accurate localization, without requiring GPS, IMU, Wheel encoders
  • 3D perception of the encironment, allowing for live 3D map creation and change detection
  • Moving objects detection and Tracking Classification
  • Movable Objects detection and tracking (Pakerd cars, Static pedestrians…), without needing a priori information, map or AI
  • Automatic Segmentation (road, markings, movable objects, traffic signs…)
  • Calibration-less and Synchronization-less Sensor fusion

As the only LiDARTM data needed (no IMU, no GPS, no Wheel encoder