Business France to Launch the 7th Edition of UBIMOBILITY


Business France, The French Embassy Trade Commission, is welcoming 7 innovative companies to the 7th edition of its Ubimobility acceleration program. Selected by a jury of experts, these laureates offer solutions in areas as diverse as acoustics, cybersecurity, blockchain or inertial navigation devices (INS)

Seven French companies have been selected by a jury of American experts to participate in Business France’s 7th edition of Ubimobility, a unique acceleration program. Ubimobility is geared towards French companies offering innovative solutions for autonomous and connected vehicles. The program helps them better understand local business practices and introduces them to North American companies looking to source new solutions.

From September 27 to October 15, the French cohort will have the opportunity to meet virtually with key North American players and VCs investing in the automotive industry. Among them will be stakeholders such as FCA, Magna, Nvidia, Valeo North America, Ford, Qualcomm, BCG, Ward’s auto, The University of Michigan. Business France selects the applications that are best suited to the U.S. and Canadian markets and can meet a demand.

Ubimobility in a few key figures: 47 alumni, 270 million USD in fundraising, a monthly newsletter, multiple articles in the American and French press, a seminar, several coaching sessions and more than 15 meetings with the key players in the industry. This year, Ubimobility is opening to new dynamic ecosystems in the autonomous vehicle sector (Florida, Washington, Ohio, Texas) and is also setting up in Canada to organize meetings with local players.

“The autonomous vehicle market – growing especially in the US and Canada – is now more than ever significantly strategic. France and its state-of-the-art companies have everything it takes to play a part in this technological revolution. Ubimobility is a unique way to introduce the best of French technologies to key stakeholders operating in the US and Canada” said Frédéric Rossi, Executive Director at Business France North America