Logo Akoustic arts

Akoustic Arts, a company dedicated to sound innovation, has developed the ‘A’, a directional sound speaker: your audio content comes out of the ‘A’ speaker to create a very narrow beam of sound that targets a very precise zone.

This cutting-edge technology perfectly answers the one question challenging both the B2B and B2C markets: « How to separate and multiply audio content in an open space? »

At work, in your car or at home, we are constantly listening to audio content. To avoid disturbing others, we use headphones,  hence the  problem. While being physically together, headphones make you disconnect from others. There is o more conversation and no more interaction.

E.g.: a car driver can follow navigation instructions, listen to phone conversations, music or radio without disturbing the other passengers.

Our solution: although sound naturally spreads in every direction, directionality creates a highly targeted beam of sound in a limited zone : when standing within this beam of sound, one can listen to any audio content and when out of it, nothing can be heard.

The technology is based on a physical phenomenon that transforms ultrasounds into audible sounds thanks to integrated electronics and software.