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WATT AND WELL is specialized in power electronics in harsh environments and has developed a Bidirectional Modular Power Unit (BMPU) for E-mobility applications. This is a modular grid-tied power supply capable of bidirectional conversion between AC (grid) and DC. It is also designed for smart grid (V2G, V2H) applications and can feature a modular design capable of parallel operation. It can be integrated in a reversible charging station or even integrated directly in an electric vehicle.

This BMPU is an innovative product which:

– is designed & tested to be highly resilient to grid perturbations such as voltage sags/dips and voltage swell.

– automatically adjusts its operation to the typical operating zone of an EV battery.

– seamlessly changes between both operating modes and goes to full power in either direction in less than 5 grid cycles (≈100ms).