My Battery Health, the app that values your electric car 

Hervé Eloin



Company overview

Inexorably, the high voltage batteries of electric vehicles degrade over time. However, the value of a used car is strongly linked to the state of health of its battery. 

“MyBatteryHealth” is an application that allows very simply, without installing a box or any manipulation, to obtain a report evaluating the state and value of the high voltage battery, the main organ of the cars of tomorrow. The data needed to model a pack is retrieved via the APIs of partner manufacturers. 


A centralized database accessible in SAAS mode offers to edit a complete and detailed report presenting the state of health of the battery, but also its history of use, as well as the number of charges carried out, in addition to a certification vehicle mileage. 

Intended for owners, but also for future buyers, this report is also accessible to insurers, resellers, rental companies in order to provide them with a better analysis of their fleets. 

world presence

Today the application is available and used throughout Europe, as well as in the USA and Canada, in addition to being available in Japan and Australia.