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La Cave d’Aléria

Cave d’Aléria
Route de la mer – Padulone
20270 Aléria – France

: +33 (0)7 89 94 99 98


The exceptional setting for the Aléria winery, situated on the Eastern coast of Corsica, between the sea and the mountains, allows our vines to flourish and produce wines that truly reflect their origin.

Today we seek to honour the plight of our predecessors who decided, in 1958, to work together to reforge the link to their roots, the eastern lowlands of the island, which originally unveiled such quality in the wines in Roman times.

We are conscious of our duty as inheritors of strong traditions and terroir to carry it forward into modern times, integrating new themes such as innovation and sustainability. In so doing, Corsican wines will continue to be part of the beautiful image of the island, its culture and way of life, so unique in the Mediterranean.

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Karine MOREL

Export Sales Manager

: +33 (0)7 89 94 99 98