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Terre de Vignerons

17/19 route des vignerons
33790 Landerrouat – France

: +33 (0)5 56 61 33 73


Terre de Vignerons is a union of 10 cooperative cellars, all of whom are innovative and dedicated to preserving the environment.
This union has successfully developed renown brands (Berticot) as well as strong trademark Chateaux (Roberpérots) within the following appellations : IGP Atlantique, AOP Côtes de Duras, AOP Bordeaux, AOP Crémant de Bordeaux, as well as Vin de France.
Benefitting from a multitude of terroirs and home to some 700 wine growers, Terre de Vignerons can offer a wide diversity of cuvées, from the most typical of the region to the most original!
Dynamic and modern, the union is quick to respond to the latest trends whilst preserving the savoir-faire passed down through the generations and respecting the terroir. No alcohol wines, Wine Seltzers and other unusual cuvées have also earned a deserved place in the range, alongside the more traditional wines, be it the varietal or the prestige wines.
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David Hamelin

Export Manager Europe

: +33 (0)6 31 97 97 51

Marina Duhau

Export Area Manager

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