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Tenevia is a pionnier in hydrometry by image analysis for ten years.

TENEVIA is developing and commercializing digital solutions powered by IOT and AI for environnemental monitoring and forecasting. Our smart camera-based sensors produce valuable data which can be combined with advanced models for informed decision making. Measurements and predictions are integrated to existing information systems or associated to TENEVIA’s efficient supervision and alarm services.This range of solutions is particularly suited for the management of water related hazards (floods, drought, pollution). TENEVIA pioneered innovative solutions and became a leader for the monitoring of river flows. Our products and services are helping smart cities and critical infrastructure stakeholders to cope with the consequences of climate change. The provided analytics are also supporting adaptation and resilience in renewable energy forecasting and natural ressources management.

TENEVIA CamLevel® provides water level information. CamLevel is a smart camera without water contact, suitable for measuring and monitoring both calm water bodies and turbulent torrential flows.

TENEVIA CamFlow® allows to measure surface velocities and to calculate the flow rate of a free surface flow. The height measurement used for the flow calculation is obtained by image analysis or another sensor installed on site.

Early detection of water pollution hazards.

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Timothée MICHON | Sales Manager / CSO
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