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We have been designing and manufacturing urban lighting furniture for 50 years and are equipping public areas as well as private developments worldwide with both standard products and highly customizable smart lighting solutions.

Beyond lighting, Technilum® indeed developed a complete range of smart services, perfectly integrated to lighting furniture. Contribute to large-scale energy savings through accurate light management, improve users’ safety and comfort (environmental indicators, CCTV, speakers…), provide valuable services to citizens (battery charging, USB outlet, Wi-Fi…).

Technilum ensures a perfect integration of the devices into its lighting poles. One unique structure can include numerous features, minimizing the congestion of public spaces and ensuring aesthetic continuity.

We only work with open-source, non proprietary systems, to make installation, adjustment and maintenance easier.

We are now counting over dozens of projects in France and Europe already equipped with our Smart-in-Site solutions, that shows a proven experience in designing and manufacturing high-end smart lighting solutions for both public spaces or private developments.

“Jeny” Interactive LED lighting columns (Tremblay-en-France)

“Shiraz K” lighting poles with integrated CCTV system (Valras)

Multifunction lighting poles integrating over 10 services (Croisette, Cannes)

Details of integrated speakers (Croisette, Cannes)

Technilum’s production facilities in Lézigno (Béziers, South of France)

Machining aluminum in Technilum’s facilities in Lézigno (Béziers, South of France)

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Thomas VERRIERE | Export Sales Manager


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Domaine de Lézigno – 34500 Béziers – France


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