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Cognidis is a french company that emerged from CNRS and INRIA. It is specializing in data analysis and passenger modeling. In 2022, Cognidis received  People’s Choice Award at the European Mobility Exhibition.

The company has developed the Cogni’Moove solution for local authorities and public transportation operators. It collects and processes data generated through the flow of vehicles and passengers, to improve the knowledge of the network. Cogni’Moove proposes innovative information about passengers like the effect of punctuality on passengers, passenger satisfaction, passenger flow….

In 3 years, Cognidis has equipped 15 territories and calculated more than 50 million trips.  Cogni’Moove is the essential solution for rethinking the mobility of your territory.

Based on ticketing data and on our reverse ticketing algorithms, Cogni’Moove allows to obtain the O/D of passengers, the boarding/alighting matrices of each line of the network and the load of each bus line.

By coupling ticketing and counting data, Cogni’Moove displays fraud statistics (stop, line, schedule) and predicts fraud locations and times.

The Cogni’Moove simulator evaluates ridership and passengers satisfaction when the network is modified (removal of a line, relocation of stops, change of schedule,…)


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