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As a leader in cloud cover observation and forecasting, Reuniwatt offers a clear overview of the amount of solar power production available in the next minutes, hours, days, and weeks.
Based on solid R&D work, we provide reliable products and services intended for professionals in renewable energy and atmospheric sciences. We are making the best out of two key facets of meteorology: atmospheric physics and data sciences.
A leading player in the field of solar energy forecasting since 2010, Reuniwatt has been improving traditional forecasting methods by the application of deep learning techniques. Reuniwatt produces forecasts for hundreds of projects across the 5 continents every day. The company has references with major Independent Power Producers, Asset Managers, Project developers, O&M actors, Transmission and Distribution System Operators, as well as with energy traders and aggregators.
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InstaCast™ provides high resolution intra-hour solar forecasts. In order to anticipate local events in the forthcoming minutes, InstaCast™ processes on-site images of the sky to precisely and reliably forecast solar production, and deliver it in a convenient way.

HourCast™ : Reuniwatt’s proprietary method for intraday solar forecasts for up to 6 hours ahead is based on the most efficient methods of converting satellite imagery into solar radiation maps. Hardware-free and available worldwide.

DayCast™is Reuniwatt’s product to obtain day-ahead solar forecasts. Our algorithms are based on meteorological models optimised for renewables, combined with artificial intelligence and statistical methods for best-in-class results. They forecast wind and solar production up to 10 days in advance.

In January 2023, Reuniwatt co-organised a webinar with EUMETSAT, AEMET and Eurisy on the launch of MTG (Meteosat Third Generation), one of the most innovative weather satellite systems ever built. In this webinar, we explored the data journey from space to the end users of satellite applications in renewable energy. EUMETSAT, AEMET and Reuniwatt highlighted the positive impact of the additional datasets and their improved quality and accuracy on weather forecasts. A special focus was put on nowcasting and the safe integration of solar energy into the grid. You can watch its replay below!

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