Our 10 French Tech Champions as selected by our Board of British & Irish Tech Leaders to take part in the Fintech & Retail Tech Tour UK-Ireland 2020!


BrandQuad provides an all-in-one platform for retailers, brands and manufacturers which improves their e-performance and helps them to better manage and distribute their products.

BrandQuad enables e-players to create, enrich, manage and deliver high-quality and coherent content seamlessly to any digital touch point. This is completely managed through a unique platform which is customised for individual client needs.


EcoTree is a ground-breaking way for businesses and consumers to support sustainable forestry whilst making a long-term profitable investment.

EcoTree owns forests in the EU where companies and their clients can buy & own trees that absorb CO2, helping to protect the planet against climate change. The trees are eventually sold for high-grade timber and the owner keeps 100% of the revenue from the sale.


Kameloon’s unique AI-driven personalisation platform measures visitors’ purchasing intention in real-time. It subsequently adapts messages, content, navigation and offers across all channels. With features including A/B testing, manual user segmentation, AI predictive targeting, customer behaviour tracking and real-time data, Kameleoon delivers an improved experience for every visitor.


Consumer consumption habits are shifting from linear to circular. Lizee helps retailers to embrace this change by providing support for rental options which encourage a business model that’s adapted for the circular economy.

Lizee is a white-label e-commerce and logistics solution with services that help brands and retailers to define, launch and scale their best rental offering. By choosing to rent with Lizee, they can attract new customer segments, access data on product performance and quality, and boost their margins.


Meelo has developed an easy-to-integrate SaaS tool to secure transactions, identify potential fraudsters and predict the risk of non-payment.

Its technology is based on artificial intelligence techniques and open data to establish a customer profile, including risk, in real time.

With over 300 full compliancy checks in real time, it analyses everything from omni-channel purchase pathways, to instalment payments, to ‘buy now, pay later’ repayment plans to rentals and more.


Mr Suricate detects errors and bugs on web and mobile sites by replicating the typical customer journey, allowing companies to outsource functional testing at a low cost.

Mr Suricate supports companies in the e-commerce, banking and insurance sectors with automated functional test strategies, reducing their campaign costs by tenfold.

Its expertise covers all testing and production environment requirements with no integration needed (100% online or campaign management via API).


Proximis Unified Commerce is the only native unified commerce solution that gives brand and retailer customers a frictionless buying experience, by mixing all touchpoints and data in one “unified basket”.


RelevanC is a data-focused tech start-up, specialised in performance-driven marketing solutions for retailers. RelevanC firmly believes that by exploiting their data, retailers can reinvent the customer experience by personalising it, and deliver a better marketing performance. RelevanC has created 2 main tech solutions powered by AI to utilise this data effectively: Coupilo and RelevanC Advertising Platform.


Transaction Connect is a marketing suite built on payment data. Omnichannel by nature, payment data is the most useful data to understand both online and offline shopping behaviour. Transaction Connect helps you make better marketing decisions, generate incremental sales and increase your market share.


TwicPics is a real-time SaaS solution that boosts online customer engagement and conversion through web image optimisation.

TwicPics accelerates web page load time while delivering high-quality pixel-perfect visuals for online shops and websites.

TwicPics also cuts the costs and time-spent on publishing web images for Digital/Marketing/IT teams and guarantees responsive web design best practices.