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JUNE 27- JULY 1 2022

Los Angeles – Las Vegas

What are the French Tourism Days?

The French Tourism Days is an immersion program for French tourism startups and SMEs who are seeking to develop their presence in the Western US market by finding business partners. This event aims to introduce the companies to the tourism and hospitality ecosystem in North America, particularly in the hubs of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, while  showcasing innovative solutions and products to industry professionals at a time when interest in travel has never been higher.

Co-produced by Business France and the Blackfire Innovation center, and supported by the France Tourisme Lab network, this discovery program fosters transatlantic business by helping launch the finest of French innovative companies in tourism.  




How does it work?



First, review each company’s profile  to learn more about their products and services.



Select the ones whose expertise best match your current and future projects.



Contact us so we may arrange a 30min presentation video call and assist as needed throughout the process.

Meet the 2022 Delegation

Leader of flight simulation centers in France

An agile software publisher for the Airline Industry

Equipment for adventure vehicles

French leader in electronic visa
A lagoon of fine sand with a patented chemical-free treatment

The hybrid event solution the most complete on the market 



Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the V.I.E international internship program. With branches in 8 cities and mobile teams, our North American network has both the knowledge and the experience to facilitate trade relations between France, Canada and the US.