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BIOTRAQ helps food industries optimize their supply chain and reduce waste.

Until now, as operators did not have any information on the condition of the products, in case of cold chain breaks they had to discard the allegedly damaged goods to comply with their regulatory and sanitary obligations.This time is over ! Our sensor-based innovative platform calculates in real-time the quality of the products taking into account the impact of the conditions they withstood during storage and transportation. For the first time, we provide operators (producers/logisticians/distributors) with the key information they need to stay confident in the quality of the products, to prove it and therefore avoid losses and waste.

Our IoT solution, the “no-waste smart supply chain”, avoids throwing away costly goods and helps our clients make huge savings.

Solution / Technology / Products

Biotrack sells a sell an SaaS platform: “Sensing as a Service” based on a monthly subscribtion for a combination of 10 sensors and one user, with two rates: basic simple monitoring or analytics and decision- making. Smart sensors associated to the targeted products record various data such as temperature, humidity, light, shocks that impact food quality and shorten shelf life. The data is sent to Biotrack’s servers through standard communication networks (GSM, SigFox, LoRa etc) where real time calculation of the quality is handled. This information is then sent back to handy tools (smartphones, tablets, PC) with dedicated professional UI.

Competitive Edge

The platform brings many benefits to create value for food –and pharma– industries, in a unique all-digital approach:
• Financial benefits: real-time calculations enable clients to know whether they should keep or throw away products on the spot.
• Operational benefits: analysis and anticipation of impact on the products’ shelf life on the long run are a great improvement for perishable products logistics
• Legal & marketing benefits: traceability: not only does it prove compliance with regulations, it also backs up quality claims. Contrary to competitors, BIOTRAQ is a modular platform that does not depend on a specific technology and stays open to IoT innovation. It can be adapted to offer to customers a data analytics-only service adapted to their own sensor infrastructure.

Certifications & awards

ISO 22000 : 2005 food safety and regulatory conformity



+ 33 642 110 919 / oddl@biotraq.fr