Horse equipments



Le Nouvel Écuyer develops solutions and technologies dedicated to the well-being and performance of the horse/rider couple.
Specialized in the analysis of pressure distribution on the horse’s back, our first product is a new generation pressure sensor mat, and its monitoring app.The visualization of the pressure distribution is live and works both in static and dynamic, at any gait.
The 576 pressure sensors are extremely flexible and light, so the mat is very similar to a standard horse mat. It is also water/sweat resistant, doesn’t have any apparent wire, and is very intuitive to use ! Moreover, all the data can be saved to provide a complete follow up year after year.
With our pressure mapping mat, analysis are more precise, easier to compare and simpler to share with customers.The tool and its applications are intended for horse riding professionals: saddlers, ergonomists, riding teachers, veterinarians, professional riders… 

Visualize, analyze, share !



Antoine Barillec

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