Horse equipments 



FERLIM is a French company created in 2015 (twenty fifteen) specialized in innovative horseshoes. We are based in the Centre of France. I created the company because we wish, through our products, to improve the well-being of the horse, its comfort, its performances and also to facilitate the work of the professionals of the equestrian world.

The first product we market is the colorful horseshoes. We can fabricate all forms, all colors and all sizes. For example, it is possible to do the stable colors in the horseshoes. The second product is the aluminium ultra-Resistant horseshoes. It is very light, about twenty grams, and very resistant, like a steel. The durability is about 3 (three) months. The third product is the cushioning horseshoes. It very cushion, flexible, very resistant, about one month, and very light, about twenty grams. The last product is the smart horshoes. With this product, it permits to notice and to analyse the behavior of thehorse when it moves, thanks to sensors which are directly placed in the horseshoes. With this product, it is possible to do an early detection of a limb and to optimize the training. For trainers, its permits to optimize the horse’s ability to turn right and left.


Sophian DAHABI
Business Development Manager – Middle East