Farming & equestrian center 



In 1991, Pascal Plancq, who is passionate about horses, sports and trade, founded the Écuries du Chapitre.

Because travel also has a special place in his life, he travels the world to export his horses and contribute to the development of horse riding on all continents.

Located in Seine-et-Marne, at the gates of Paris, in an exceptional natural setting, the Ecuries du Chapitre are dedicated to the trade of sport horses but also to breeding, producing beautiful products under the family affix De Galarza.

If jumping horses are our specialty, we are also open to the sale of evening, dressage and training horses, always with one objective: to satisfy the enthusiast that you are, whatever your equestrian ambitions are.

The Ecuries du Chapitre also offer various services (boarding, training, coaching, etc.) in their facilities adapted to the well-being of horses, where it is good to live and work.


Pascal Plancq
Mob.: +33 6 58 82 72 72