Horse equipments 



Deltacast produced aluminium horseshoes dedicated to races and competitions since 2000. We propose aluminium horseshoes with great wear endurance and that have been adapted to the specifications of horses pathologies and sometime countries requests. We are located 100 km north of Paris. We have developed a special liquid forging process that makes premium products. One of our key advantage is aeronautic aluminum alloy combined with hardened steel toe grabs that makes high performance shoes in regards of strength and wear endurance. We produce more than 120 000 horseshoes et 25 different models a year delivered mostly in Europe countries. Now days we are the leader in horse races in France. We have been awarded by the French room craft and won a price Innovation Global Strategies. We are able to creates a horseshoe prototype in one month. Every year new creations are extended our range. Some of our horseshoes have been adapted to the specifications of some countries as well. Over the 5 years past we have had an important development of orthopedic and sport shoes for competitions. As we have a large stock in our shop, any order can be expedited very quickly either by email, phone or on line.


General director

Mob.: +33 6 98 91 76 08