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In 40 years, our company became the French leader of clays’ extraction. We are actually selling our clays in more than 50 countries. We are supplying the Velay Green Clay, high purity clay, 100% natural and certified.
Argile du Velay quarries are Located in the Auvergne region in France at the feet of the volcanoes far away from urban pollution and pesticides, in a natural ecological “faunistic and floristic interest” classified area.
Our strengths: clay with a high purity, an innovative and competitive manufacturing pocess, a quality monitoring from the extraction to the final delivery, scientifical further researches, a continuous products’ development and an active listening of customer’s requirements.
The Velay Green clay is a fantastic natural remedy to heal light to severe wounds and an efficient alternative solution for animal care.
Externally, as a poultice, it has multiple benefits : muscular recovery, swelling reduction, tissue strengthening. It can be used for rashes, burns, wounds, tendon injuries, inflammation, arthritis, bruises, abscesses, muscular aches and pains…
As you know, clay has strong properties and animals instinctively eat it for the trace minerals intake.
Furthermore, as a natural ingredient, it’s not considered as a doping product.
Argile du Velay can either provide the clay in bulk or support your own animal care products development. Finished products such as poultice ready for use are also available and can be developed under your own brand!



Françoise VEYRET 
International Business Development 
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