We are honored to partner with key opinion leaders & experts who support French innovation and new technologies in the healthcare industry.


North American selection committee (USA & Canada) evaluate the French startups during the Pitch Session and select the companies that will participate to the next steps (Market Fit Bootcamp MasterClass & Business Roadshow).
These experts also support companies and play a key role during the program.



Nathalie Le Prohon

A very innovative way to support French healthcare startups in their strategy to expand in the North American market.

Nathalie Le Prohon - Former Vice President, IBM

Nathalie Le Prohon
Ashish Narayan

It’s a great program at a global scale enabling collaboration and new ideas between countries.

Ashish Narayan, Associate Dean Research IT, Mount Sinai Hospital

Ashish Narayan

This was a wonderful [program]. Glad to be a part. Business France is a wonderful resource that other countries could emulate

Michael Salgaller – Invention Development & Marketing Supervisor

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