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Altea Energy facilitates the connection between energy companies and the best experts in the industry, for the success of tomorrow’s energy projects.

Since 2008, Altea Energy has selected and mobilized thousands of consultants on more than 300 projects in the oil and gas, renewables and nuclear sectors. We support our clients on all types of energy projects, from national interest projects for local governments to mega private projects and consortium projects.

Altea Energy mobilizes consultants in more than 100 countries, with a strong footprint in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and South America, in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

Contractor services

We support our clients in their green energy projects (onshore and offshore wind, solar, hydropower, biomass) by sourcing the best contractors in the fields of engineering, safety, and supervision.

Thanks to our large pool of talent and the expertise of our recruiters, we are able to quickly strengthen our clients’ teams with high quality consultants.

Global Mobility

Our multilingual team specializes in international logistics and immigration and mobilizes consultants on renewable projects anywhere in the world, in full compliance with local laws and regulations.


We have developed a streamlined methodology of headhunting profiles to enable our clients to employ and train in-house renewable experts for their long-term projects.

Our search and selection team masters the direct approach and ensures compliance with ethical and deontological procedures.

The energy sector is in constant evolution and our customers have huge challenges to overcome in the coming decades. These changes are linked to global warming and the necessary adaptations of production towards an energy mix that reduces fossil fuels and includes more green energies. We are here to support this transformation and help them carry out their major projects, by selecting the qualified experts they need, anywhere in the world.”

Armand PASTEUR, Altea Energy Co-founder & President


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