L’Essentiel de Lavande has been highly specialized in lavender for the past ten years. Eco-responsibility, local production and natural beauty have always been part of our core philosophy. Today our brand offers the best lavender premium line of cosmetics, 100% natural. We use only pure organic essential oil of lavender which is known for its numerous virtues : relaxing, antiseptic, repulsive, cleansing, overall wellbeing of your body and mind. 


Le Modeling Blooméa®

Facial cleansing foam with lavender honey

For lovers of the French touch and Provence specifically, the facial cleansing foam with lavender honey has two targets: your skin as well as your mind. Daily use of lavender will improve the overall aspect of your skin and help you relax after a long day at work. This facial foam is 100% locally made in France, and totally natural. Its formula is very efficient and results will be achieved after its first use. Created from a dilution of cornflowers, aloe vera extract, ivy, algae and lavender honey, this foam is a concentrate of active ingredients which cleanses, repairs and makes your skin.