Since 2002, Le Secret Naturel from Provence has been developing and manufacturing organic cosmetics and body care, such as soaps, shower gels, body butters, virgin and essential oils, shea butters, cares with donkey milk, massage balms, ayurvedic cares, etc. All products are certified organic by Ecocert.


Energie Fruit - Monoi & Orange Blosson Bath and Shower Oil
Samba of Mango & Hibiscus

“Samba of Mango & Hibiscus” is one of the new products within the “South American treasures” collection. Offering fruity and nourishing facial and body care.

This handmade product is known for its special mixture of mango, shea butter, hibiscus oil and floral water. The formula offers exquisite softening and antioxidant properties. The creamy texture, reminiscent of whipping cream, absorbs easily without leaving the skin greasy. A small quantity is enough to bring long-lasting nourishment, and the skin glows with a velvety touch and a very pleasant fruity scent.

The attractive and colourful packaging reminds of South America, where the Mango and the Hibiscus are cultivated.