Through 4 own brands and OEM, Laboratoire Orescience produces luxury plant-based products of 100% exclusive natural ingredients in France, ranging from cosmetics, supplements, hair products, etc.

The company motto “every formula’s effectiveness has to be proven”. The company relies on rigorous clinical and instrumental studies on actives and formulas.


Epure Nourishing Care

Jeunesse Eternelle

Our star product is Jeunesse Eternelle (Eternal Youth), a double-patented triple action serum: antiaging, anti-pollution and tightening. It effectively fights against and protects from aging accelerators like pollution and oxidative stress. Jeunesse Eternelle was launched on French TV in February 2018.

The serum not only contains 2 extremely effective patented actives, but the delivery system multiplies ingredient synergy: the actives only come into contact when released through the pump. We believe B2B retailing (department stores, pharmacies) would be ideal given the product’s specialized nature and fit with our current business model.