Since 2012, Maqpro is the only company in the world to benefit from the label ORIGINE FRANCE certified by Bureau Véritas. Working as a family business for over 40 years, Maqpro created and manufactured all their products in France. The company has also been maintaining their own brand and developing private label products for various companies.


Sun Foam


MAQPRO CREAMY is a new makeup product created in 2018 by their own laboratory. Entirely waterproof and non-greasy formula, MAQPRO CREAMY can be used for face eyes lips or body. Skin problems and also tattoo can be effectively hidden.

A wide range of colors is available for all skin types and tones, while iridescent colors are also available for bold makeup style. MAQPRO CREAMY can easily be used by everyone ranging from the professionals to private users.