Tereos – Ensemble

Jean-Pierre Le Cannellier – Managing Director North America
+1 224-688-0629 

The Company

Ensemble Foods’ mission is to make affordable plant-based food products to help feed the world. Their products are made of 5 main ingredients, are a good source of protein and fiber and are low in saturated fat (only 7g of total fat per serving).  In addition, they are made from renewable sources, and are produced from locally-sourced ingredients. Their products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and contain ingredients that adapt to meet the needs of a variety of recipes. Their first commercial offering is a chicken-like alternative. Ensemble Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tereos, one of the world’s leading wheat protein producers. 

Looking for an importer/distributor. 

The Products

– Tenders : Plant-based speciality made from wheat and chickpeas

Strips : Plant-based speciality made from wheat and chickpeas, with pumpkin seeds, green lentils and onions