Sabarot – France Alimentaire

The Company

Located in Le Puy en Velay in France, Sabarot is a leading manufacturer of dried vegetables, cereals and wild mushrooms. Since its founding in 1819, the company has been committed to offering products from nature, and the resulting range combines their experience, knowledge and innovation. They offer a full line of organic vegetables, cereals and cereal mixes, available dried – and also already cooked, frozen (IQF ready-to-eat).

The Products

Dried Vegetables: Green lentils, azuki beans, Le Puy green lentils DOP

Dried Mushrooms: Dried Porcini

Dried sprouted vegetables: Sprouted lentils

Dried Cereals: Freekeh

– Canned Snails: Canned helix snails

– Cereals: Quinoa Roll to slice, Ready-to-slice quinoa roll