Milena Kostova, NA Sales and Marketing

The Company

Heir to a historical chocolatier know-how of over 200 years, Cémoi has been on the gourmet market for over 35 years. From cocoa to finished product, Cémoi manages every step of the transformation. The company’s wide range of dark, milk and white chocolates are adapted to all professional needs and carries the message of the group’s sustainable development program: Transparance Cacao.

The Products

– Cémoi Empreinte (2.5kg / 5.5lbs): ecuador, dominican republic & ivory coast (Available as cocoa paste buttons or bittersweet chocolate buttons (75%, 72% or 68%))

– Cémoi Succession (5kg / 11lbs) (Available as bittersweet chocolate buttons (72%, 64, 58.5%), semisweet chocolate buttons (55% or 50%), milk chocolate couverture buttons (38% or 35%) or white chocolate buttons (31%))