Apifruit – Frugam

Magali Cuvelier Laboulais, Export Manager
Pascale Corbi, Agent
mag.cuvelier@apifruit.com / p.corbi@wanadoo.fr

The Company

Apifruit – Frugam is a French company operating from one of the biggest fruit producers in the South of France. Apifruit – Frugam’s experience ensures a timely pick up of perfectly ripe fruit, combined with a unique concept of fruit pasteurization in a specific vacuum bag, protecting the fruit, preserving colors, textures and taste and allowing for a long shelf life. All 100% natural, their products are free of syrup
or sugar and additives.

The Products

– Whole apple, slices, cubes

– Whole pear, slices, cubes

– Pineapple in carpaccio

– Half Mango

– Diced apple with a flavor of candy floss

– Mushrooms

– Chestnuts