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Start up Topplan was created at the end of 2019 resulting from a collaboration between G2Elab and the GSCOP laboratory in Grenoble.

The research results which form the technological core of TOPPLAN were obtained thanks to the know-how and skills of a multidisciplinary team, with strong expertise in electrical engineering and discrete mathematics. Combinatorial research was carried out using the most recent mathematical theories and integrating business knowledge in network planning, to jointly find the topologies and operating modes best suited to future distribution networks, intelligent and flexible. Nowadays, there are no software solutions on the market that offer the main features of Topplan from the existing version, as well as the new features of the innovation program. The innovative character of Topplan in the field of long-term planning of distribution networks and the design of new networks is based on the main part of the technological core of TOPPLAN. It contains research results that draw on several research and development disciplines which are:

  • graph theory and combinatorial optimization for the exact modeling of the electrical network architecture and business problems,
  • Operation’s Research and resolution methods for reformulation into mathematical models by advanced techniques and resolution by mathematical methods with the guarantee of optimality,
  • Complexity theory for the study of the efficiency of computational algorithms

Topplan MV Network Planning Tool

The TOPPLAN start-up offers a graphical analysis and decision support tool for MV networks planners in the Smart Grid context. This is a unique planning software capable to ensure the global optimum of solution taking into account the flexibility of local resources.

The Topplan decision support tool automates network planner tasks thanks to the automated calculation of optimal solutions and the generation of different long-term development/design scenarios for the distribution network according to the input assumptions/parameters.

Topplan also takes into account internal and external flexibilities: production, consumption, storage, voltage regulation, present in the network in order to reduce the cost of infrastructure. This allows it to differentiate itself from its main competitors (NePlan, DPlan, PowerFactory) in terms of performance, namely the reduction in the cost of obtained solutions and the reduction in study time for customers from months to several days. In order to facilitate the work of a planner, the software also contains a module for interaction with geographic information systems and a graphical interface (GUI) for visualizing solutions and comparing different scenarios



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