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Streem Energy is a data services provider to companies across the entire renewable energy value chain in Europe. In today’s energy landscape, which is shifting rapidly towards a low-carbon future, there are many challenges arising for energy producers. We believe in taking a technology-first approach to the challenge of renewable energy intermittency and decentralisation, providing a new data hub for monitoring, asset management, forecasting and valuation of distributed energy assets for our users. Our services are perfectly suited to tech-minded teams, and are available on our web-based platform and via our API, which allows users to integrate Streem data flows into their own systems.
Our innovative, accurate data models and platforms help energy professionals optimise the way energy is produced, exchanged, distributed and consumed; and therefore help drive the planet towards a zero-carbon, cleaner and greener future.

Streem Energy’s monitoring platform offers a plug-and-play real-time connection to your asset’s meter data, without installing any hardware.
Users can launch remote readings directly from the app, track asset performance, monitor reactive power constraints, and view their load curves in a sharp visual interface.

Streem’s sales management module, based on the Monitoring datahub, is an all-in-one tool to automate all the user’s asset management’s processes – from contract modelling to invoicing, revenue
tracking and reporting, allowing asset managers to take control of their renewable energy sales in a seamless way

Streem’s Pricing tool allows direct marketers and aggregators to estimate renewable asset prices in the post-subsidy markets with effortless ease. Our machine-learning and simulation based pricing engine allows users to assess their risk with accurate modelling of potential capture prices achieved by assets, without the need for historical data inputs.


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