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ROSI offers innovative solutions for recycling and revalorization of raw materials in the photovoltaic industry. Our proprietary technologies allow to recover highly pure silicon and other metals (such as silver and copper) currently lost during the production of photovoltaic cells and at the end-of-life of solar panels.

Thanks to its expertise in material separation and purification, ROSI is able to reintroduce the recycled raw materials in high-value applications for different industries. It allows to create circular loops in the European raw material value chains to serve the energy transition.

The industrial processes used by ROSI have significantly reduced environmental impact compared to primary raw material production. With the replacement of primary raw materials by advanced recycled materials, every ton of photovoltaic panel recycled saves 2 tons of carbon emissions.

In 2022, ROSI will be the first company worldwide to operate a recycling line of photovoltaic panels capable of recovering silicon, copper, and silver from the photovoltaic cells and panels. ROSI is planning to extend its services to the German market in the following year.

Recycling service

ROSI provides recycling services for companies and municipal solid waste facilities dealing with end-of-life photovoltaic panels. It is the first recycling service to recover silicon, copper, and silver from the photovoltaic cells. This makes it an environmentally beneficial management of photovoltaic waste.


Recycled materials

ROSI resells its recycled materials to different industries. The high-purity silicon offered by ROSI is a high-value material proven by tests in specialty industrial applications. The recycled copper and silver also answer the need for local sourcing of metals in Europe.


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