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Founded in 2009, GridPocket started as a research project and since then it has always been in the company’s DNA. To this day, research and development is at the heart of our growth strategy. GridPocket is an international start-up in the field of digital energy and is part of the “smart grid” revolution and specialises in the development of innovative value-added energy services for energy suppliers. GridPocket, awarded for its innovations by CleanTech Open, ERDF for the integration of electric vehicles and network optimisation and other prizes, maintains its headquarters in Sophia-Antipolis, France. The company also has a subsidiary company in Poland. Our customers include world’s largest energy groups such as ENI, Engie, Enedis, making GridPocket a success story supported by prestigious investors and proud of its added value to the energy industry. Our team seeks to develop the tools of tomorrow that will allow users to better control their energy consumption and production. GridPocket has created an off the shelf modular data platform PowerVAS which is a white label SaaS solution. Years of research and deployment of projects with its customers have enabled GridPocket to offer innovative, stable, and highly functional solutions.

GridPocket has designed powerful machine learning module in order to create product features that are going to be useful for the end-users and for energy companies who deliver water, electricity, and gas. In addition, PowerVAS enables innovative solution for smart cities application such as waste management platform and to identify electric cars charging point for example.

PowerVAS possesses various modules: Energy Essential (smart analysis of energy consumption), Energy Control (disaggregation of usage), Online Agency (complete consumer self-care), Marketplace (recommendations of purchase), Gamification (active users’ engagement), Prosumers (smart EV charge and IOT devices), Analytics (prediction and AI) and Data Hub for data portability.

GridPocket platform communicates with existing Meter Data Management Systems, CRMs, and Data Lakes. It is personalized according to the wishes of the company marketing. It can be deployed in a private and public cloud and can accommodate tens of millions of users. This solution makes it possible to be aware of one’s consumption, to change one’s behaviour and allows customers to have confidence in their supplier.

GridPocket has designed powerful machine learning module to create product features that are going to be useful for customers and suppliers. Each customer profile and load curve are analysed and corelated with other users and external data sets, while respecting privacy and confidentiality. PowerVAS includes a Data Hub that can securely share within the system raw data already present at the energy suppliers.


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