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Fludia develops IOT multifluid sensors introducing smart capabilities for Real-time energy monitoring and energy Disaggregation applications.

It provides energy suppliers and smart home & building integrators some key components to design innovative services for energy optimization and customer relationship improvement.

Our Plug&Play and non-intrusive technological components allow to collect data on any general meter (either electricity or gas) at different time intervals (1mn, 10mn, 15mn) with a full autonomy.

They can be safely installed without qualified installers and coupled with machine and deep learning algorithms for detecting main equipment and deduct the electricity end-uses.

With measurement solutions proven on more than 90,000 energy meters and several thousand load curves analysed, Fludia is recognized as a European expert in energy efficiency.

BelSenso FM432ir

BelSenso FM432ir is a sensor with specific optical reading for infrared output. The sensor is dedicated to reading information delivered by an infrared communication port (for example, mME meters) but can also be used with old Ferraris meters. Radio transmission is based on LoRa technology and is compatible with existing LoRaWAN networks.

BelSenso IMCir

BelSenso IMCir is a non-intrusive plug&play solution for collecting data from meters equiped with an infrared communication port (works also with Ferraris Meters). It is an integrated LoRa point-to-point solution, including an sensor (FM232ir) and a small bridge (F-link) forwarding the LoRa messages to Internet. This solution is optimal for monitoring energy consumption in Home and Office buildings

BelSenso FM432g

BelSenso FM432g is a universal sensor transmitting gas consumption data from an existing meter to a server. It provides the ideal starting point for analyzing the level of consumption and offers a complete interoperability with IoT LoRa networks in order to rapidly report any change. The ideal device to deploy energy efficiency services for Home and Small Office Buildings.


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